Monday, 8 January 2018

Decoupage on Coaster with Magical Leather Sheets - Maansi Vaswani

Good Evening, 

This is Maansi here today. Here I am going to be sharing some details of a new product called leather paper (At least it is new for me though some of you may have used it earlier) 

When Nagashri sent a whole bunch of leather paper sheets to me I was quite unsure what to do with it.

I had never worked with these before. But on first look, I was an impressed with these, especially with the texture. It not only has a textured look but you can also feel the texture. 

So the first project I have done with these are a set of decoupaged coasters using leather sheets.  And I was super impressed with this paper.  It's is super easy to work without any tearing or bubbling or wrinkling.  

Leather sheets (click here to buy Faux Leather Sheets)

The inspiration for this project is a lot of leather work that I had seen when I had gone for a holiday to Rajasthan. There I had seen coasters with stonework and leather/wood holders.  Taking the same concept I have tried to give the holder a leather look with rims of gold.  

Here are some pics of the completed project.

Designed By Artfire

Adding few more photos for you :)

Supplies used 

Leather sheets 
German Napkin
Acrylic paint 
Archival ink for distressing 
Metallic paint

(click on the product  mentioned above it will direct you to the Nagashri Arts 's website to buy these amazing products)

Hope you have enjoyed this inspiration. 


  1. Now know the Shipping Charges From US to India and the cost of shipping products internationally.

    1. Hi , Emily Bates Thanks for showing your interest . At the moment we don't ship overseas.